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Basic Import Guide

From the search of the product in the international market to delivery at your door, integrating all phases of the import project, aiming at cost reduction and better efficiency in Foreign Trade.

Import for Distribution – In this operation Partner Business imports the merchandise on its own account retaining the ownership of the merchandise. 

Maintaining enough stock in a Distribution Center, confining risk of import delays to be able to meet our clients when there is no prior import planning.

Since Partner Business  distributes do a diverse client base in this operation, there is no need for the client to have a RADAR permit..

Import Under Order – In this operation Partner Business   is responsible for all and any type of negotiation with the exporters involved, as well as all of the financial resources for the importation.

Partner Business   maintains ownership of the merchandise billing to a pre-determined client.

The client needs to be habilitated on the RADAR and  have a RADAR bounding agreement with the IRS prior to shipment.